The Market Spoke - We Listened

GroundCntrl is now bnocular

The world runs on data. Most likely, half your Facebook feeds and Twitter links are stories that use data, charts, or infographics to make a point. Big Data is all the rage in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street. 

Our hero is Nate Silver. He's taken data analysis to a new level of relevancy and accessibility. He made a name for himself doing sports and political analysis at the New York TImes.  Then, he built a brand with his team at FiveThirtyEight by turning otherwise dry data analytics into interesting posts, proving that data analytics at its best, tells a good story.

Initially, we came at it from a slightly different bent. We had a vision to document and quantify the physical world. We built enterprise software based on a proprietary set of mobile applications, and a structured data schema with visual analytics. We started helping retailers and brands understand the dynamics of in-store merchandising, pricing, and inventory. This was the business of GroundCntrl.

Our new customers told us how much they loved the data. It was accurate, trackable, and actionable. With technology, we ended up talking about features and benefits. But with a retail data focus, we knew there were stories to tell.

Along came the financial markets; hedge funds, investment banks and research analysts. These companies, and anyone who follows the equity markets knows full well that consumer retail makes up over 71% of the U.S. GDP, driving a major portion of our economy. The brands these financial groups track are always launching new products, stores and merchandising programs. Because we can track in-store trends over time and across geographies, there is now a way to watch a brand's story unfold as it moves through seasonal merchandising periods.

Our customers asked us to focus on the story. Using deeper data analytics, we can discover new trends in customer activity and in-store performance. Now our customers can see these stories before they're visible to the public markets.

While others are using technology to track a specific product on the grocery shelf, we can use ours to track individual and competitive brands all the way through the "Path to Purchase". Hence, the concept of Retail Cohorts - a data driven methodology for analyzing the performance of a competitive group of brands and retailers.

Every company changes as it optimizes its product/market fit. We've learned that our most valuable products are the data and insights that our technology can deliver.

So, now we are bnocular - a data analytics and insights company. We offer this data through subscriptions to our cohorts (our first will be Women's Luxury Fashion - but more on that later). You can also build your own cohort, or add brands to our existing cohorts.

We invite you to visit bnocular.